Experts in innovative indoor plantscaping

Our passion is transforming indoors into vibrant, unique spaces that look amazing, provide an experience and promote health and wellbeing.

Indoor Plants are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any space that also transforms indoors into vibrant, and healthy spaces that stand out.

Research shows that Indoor Plants offer a powerful solution to a healthier indoor environment. Positively impacting your business through improved wellbeing, leading to increased productivity, focus and better staff relationships.

Indoor Plants & Container Ranges

  • Table top plants: A wide selection of Indoor Plant species allows for a perfect fit to a range of table top solutions. Desktop containers, top of cabinet displays as well as custom/bespoke desktop solutions.
  • Floor Plants: Our choices in floorstanding container designs are extensive. With an extensive range of plant sizes to suit as well as multiplanting solutions and our best practice subirrigation, creation of indoor transformations is easy.
  • Green wall plants: Our selection of Indoor Plants provide solutions specifically suited for Green Walls. Available in smaller sizes and specific varieties suited to Green Wall planting specifications. Allowing creation of an innovative and unique design.
  • Hanging plants: Our hanging container solutions are innovative and different, which means the species that suit best are plants such as Pothos. A climbing cascading plant that is easily adaptable for various planting options.


  • Natural Toppings: Our Natural Toppings selection caters for various indoor designs and colour palettes. From Coco Fibre - our most popular natural topping, to Pebble, Bark and Scoria.
  • ECO Pebble Toppings: Our newest addition of toppings and there is so much to love about them. Made from recycled homewares and computer parts, these pebbles look like the natural pebbles and are: lightweight, durable and a sustainable solution. Available in 3 colours these are sure to suit your indoors.

Maintenance & Servicing

Offering you the peace of mind we provide the complete maintenance of your indoor plants ensuring they continue to thrive.Our maintenance program is there to assist you in keeping your indoors healthy and thriving beyond project completion.

Our team of horticultural experts bring their expertise, dedication and passion for plants to every customer premise ensuring the plants continue to look amazing and provide all the health and wellbeing benefits.

The maintenance program is undertaken on regular basis and it includes :

- Hand watering

- Fertilisation

- Dusting and cleaning of leaves

- Weed, litter and dead foliage removal

- of unhealthy and/or unsightly plants

- Top up of chip bark, soil or pebble

- Cleaning of decorative pot/containers

- Pruning of foliage

- Insect and disease treatment (if necessary)