OFD offers complete design, construct & fit out packages.

Demolition & Construction

De-fit, make-good and strip-outs are essential steps in preparing your space for your project or returning an existing space back to its original state, as a tenancy ends. A sound foundation is critical in making your fit out project a success, this is why we offer commercial defit services. Our teams will strip out your new tenancy and set the stage for a smooth fitout.

We have an excellent working relationship with architects, draftsmen, engineers and building certifiers, ensuring that the most suitable option is provided to meet your needs. These professionals are also familiar with the building code of Australia, relevant Australian standard and local Authority requirements. This results in a quicker and smoother process of design and approval in addition to timely construction.

Project Management

Project Managing every project has its fair share of challenges, opportunities and risks. At OFD, our highly skilled professionals will work with you to deliver the best outcomes. We will use our wealth of experience and insightful market intelligence to focus on every aspect, including defined project purpose, thorough project scoping and planning, informed risk mitigation, accurate project budgeting, uncompromising quality control, efficient time management and successful project delivery.