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At Office Fitout Design Perth, we focus on the HOW - How to create collaborative and unique office spaces to suit your company's needs. How to manage the workflow required - from ease of planning to product selection and delivery to installation.

We'll complete your free floor plan design and quote while selecting & proposing the ideal office furniture products that will suit your requirements perfectly.

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Benefits of Open Office Spaces

Open office fitout spaces help in maximising the flexibility of the number of people you are able to accomodate comfortably. Higher capacity also helps employees to increase their productivity as they sit together and work as a team. With open office space, you can shuffle the layout as you need to expand the total number of employees. Contact Office Fitout Design Perth now, so we can help create your Cost Effective & Collaborative workspace.

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Importance of Ergonomics

Standing desks have been clinically proven, after only four weeks use, to reduce back and neck pain by up to 54%. Switching between sitting and standing regularly, significantly reduces fatigue levels, by at least 15% and up to 33%. Standing desks increase concentration, energy levels and boost job performance, as well as reducing stress levels. Book a consultation with Office Fitout Design Perth now so we can work on your office transition from sitting to standing.

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